Emergency Physician Gives Clarius Top Marks for Image Quality


Recursos para Covid-19

Our team has put together some resources that may be useful for Clarius users who are treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We met Dr. Gert-Jan Mauritz from the Netherlands at the Medica exhibition in October 2016 and he became one of our very first customers. He originally purchased the Clarius L7 and Clarius C3 for his emergency medicine practice.  Dr. Mauritz recently received the new Clarius L15 and shares his thoughts on the second-generation scanner.

As an emergency physician, I use the Clarius L15 to perform vascular access and peripheral nerve blocks. I also use it for musculoskeletal imaging (fractures) and soft tissue imaging (e.g. abscess). Good image quality is a must for performing ultrasound-guided procedures. 

I use the Clarius HD L15 Scanner the most because of the excellent image quality of the scans. I have compared it to other handheld scanners and I have not found another with this amazing image quality. It’s a unique feature.

Compared to the Clarius V1 L7 that I have been using, there is really a strong improvement in the image quality with the L15 linear scanner. It’s an important advance since good image quality is really a necessity for performing ultrasound-guided procedures. Especially for the small nerve blocks (radial, ulnar, median, tibial posterior), there is a good distinction with the surrounding anatomical structures with the Clarius L15. 

The smaller size of the new HD scanners makes it more practical to hold / scan and to store in a pocket. Overall, despite competitive pricing from other handheld ultrasound manufacturers, I find the Clarius HD L15 Scanner has a good price/quality balance.