Special Financing Offer for Your Clarius 伟德在线网址 Scanner

*Details:  The monthly rate does not include taxes. Pay as low as $99 per month, depending on the agreed interest rate and financing term. 伟德客户端 us for more information on our low rates and flexible terms. Offer is valid on purchases up to $100,000 within the United States.

  • Fast Approval

    Complete a simple form to confirm approval.

  • Increased Buying Power

    Obtain multiple units for your team or purchase a complete set for your practice.

  • Control Your Cash Flow

    Preserve your capital as your practice recovers from COVID-19.

  • Flexible Options

    Various terms and low-interest rates for financing available.

Are You Billing for 伟德在线网址?

Cover your monthly financing payments and raise cash flow with as few as 2 to 3 reimbursements. Download our CPT guide to see how much you can get reimbursed for ultrasound-guided procedures.

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