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International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2015

Army-2015 was scheduled for June 16-19 at the Patriot culture and leisure park in Kubinka in the Moscow Region. It should be noted that the event of such a scale concerning military subjects, carried out in our country for the first time. About 800 companies have placed their exhibits in the park area of ​​5414 hectares. The main purpose of the forum was to identify promising technologies and developments, which could find application in the Armed Forces RF. Pomimo technology demonstration at the forum was about 90 briefings, roundtables and conferences with the participation of 7,000 specialists. In total, the event in a week traveled more than 200 000 people.

In the exhibition area by DM Road Construction Machinery Factory were shown multifunction wheel loader DM-30 “Volzhanin” and the road roller DM-614 “Kuznets” Loader DM-30 “Volzhanin” is equipped with a hydrostatic drive to improve reliability and enhance operational capabilities. As attachment can be used milling rotary linkage for snow removal, dozer blade, a brush, a cargo boom, forks and many other devices, including products for special purposes, designed by experts KB factory customized. Rink DM-614 “Kuznets” with the complete hydraulic drive – a new development of the company, which has improved driving characteristics and the ability to overcome significant deviations due to application in the design of the rear axle and a flow divider. Arctic modification DM-614 “Kuznets” has already successfully established itself in the hard northern conditions in the construction of military facilities in the Arctic Circle.

The first ever Forum “ARMY-2015” can be called an outstanding event in the life of Russian society and the Russian Armed Forces. It was a record year both in scale and intensity of research and business and demonstration programs. An unprecedented format of the event has provided Russian companies a unique Products.