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            • 伟德客户端-伟德官方app下载-伟德官方下载有苹果版

              Best-in-class image quality equivalent to traditional systems

              Affordable pricing without subscriptions

              Easy, AI-powered App for iOS and Android

              We’re Turbocharging Clarius 伟德在线网址 伟德买球靠谱吗 with Our Latest 8.0 App Update!

              We've pushed the limits of artificial intelligence for medical imaging! You now have access to ground-breaking innovations that: (1) deliver and automate new workflows, (2) refine high-definition imaging, and (3) and empower ultrasound scanning mastery.

              Clarius 伟德在线网址 for Covid-19

              "A wireless probe and tablet is the most appropriate type of ultrasound equipment to evaluate individuals with the coronavirus, and can be covered in single-use plastic for less contamination risk and easy sterilization."

              An Image You Can Trust

              Clarius HD produces the sharp and clear images you need to easily identify anatomy.

              Mobile Clarius 伟德在线网址 Image

              Pioneers in handheld ultrasound.

              Clinicians have been using Clarius scanners since 2016. Our new and improved Clarius HD was introduced in October 2019.

              Scanning sessions


              User accounts


              *These counts are updated in real-time from the Clarius Cloud.

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              No hidden fees or recurring costs 

              No subscription required

              3-year standard warranty

              Unlimited users

              Unlimited cloud storage


              Gert-Jan Mauritz

              Gert-Jan Mauritz, MD

              Emergency Medicine

              The smaller size of the new HD scanners makes it more practical to hold / scan and to store in a pocket.


              Shaunie Keys, MD


              One of the best things about Clarius ultrasound is the imaging, which is super crisp and clear. It’s beautiful and really amazing, especially compared to our other portable systems. It’s like night and day.


              Marc J Salzman, MD, FACS

              Plastic Surgery

              For me, it’s the plastic surgeons’ stethoscope


              Alan M Hirahara, MD, FRCSC

              Orthopedic Surgeon

              The new Clarius L15 ultrasound scanner is amazing. It’s the perfect size and weight and allows great control while doing injections and surgery.


              Greg Fritz, PT, DPT, RMSK

              Physio MSKUS Specialist

              I recently had the privilege to test the new Clarius L15 Scanner. I am blown away by the image quality that can be obtained from this non-tethered, WiFi scanner.

              Dan Kim

              Daniel Kim, MD, FRCPC

              Emergency Medicine

              The Clarius HD is an impressive improvement on the original first generation scanners. With superb image quality that exceeds our cart based units, its portability and compact size make it ideal for point of care use. It is also our go to scanner during this current COVID pandemic when infection control is a concern because it is so easy to clean and disinfect, especially compared to a cart based unit.


              David Rosenblum, MD

              Interventional Pain Management

              Wireless ultrasound enables me to focus more on my patient without having wires get in the way of my nerve block. You can carry it from office to office, put it in your lab coat and use it on pain rounds. The image quality is superior.

              Steven Holsenback, DO

              Emergency Medicine

              The units hold up like a Sherman Tank! I use ultrasound dynamically and scan about 15 times a shift. With the new L7 and the latest software I have had nothing but great success. I beat these units up and they are great!

              Connect in Seconds.

              Watch how fast you’ll be scanning with Clarius HD.

              Get the Best Image Instantly.

              With built-in AI Assistance, the only adjustment you need to make is to set depth with a finger slide.

              Clarius Mobile AI

              Choose a handheld ultrasound scanner designed for you

              Both iOS and Android Apps Available.

              Switch between all your devices with ease.

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