Handheld 伟德在线网址 for Critical Care

Clarius wireless scanners deliver instant information to make a confident decision at the bedside.

The ultimate hand-carried ultrasound system

Packed with state of the art technology, Clarius delivers fast imaging and the fine detail you need for line placements and procedural guidance.

Handheld 伟德在线网址 for Critical Care in ICU

Infection Control with Clarius

We encourage Clarius users to encase the scanner and smart phone in a sterile bag. Clarius scanners are IPX rated and fully immersible for cleaning. Click for a full list of disinfectants that are compatible.

Lung 伟德在线网址 Scanning

Dr Dan Kim demonstrates a lung exam tutorial using Clarius ultrasound.

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For Less.

No hidden fees or recurring costs 

Best-in-class image quality

Subscription-free for unlimited users

AI-Powered App for iOS and Android

Clarius Live Telemedicine

Included with each scanner

Minimize Exposure with Telemedicine

Struggling to limit exposure and be in more than one place at once? With Clarius Live Telemedicine, you can guide, monitor and review multiple ultrasound exams from wherever you are in real-time. Learn more.

Telemedicine COVID 伟德在线网址 Hospital
Flexible storage solutions

Choose where to store and send exams from the Clarius App

Send exams to any DICOM-compliant server*, or store exams on your phone. Every Clarius scanner also comes with free cloud storage and exam management.

  • Direct DICOM to Server

    (no cloud required)

  • Device only

  • Clarius Cloud


* DICOM is a premium feature.

See the Difference Great Image Quality Makes

Handheld Curved Array for ICU


Ideal for scanning everything from cardiac, lung, bladder, vascular access, and superficial.

Handheld Phased Array for ICU


Designed for bedside cardiac,
abdominal scanning and vascular access.

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Reimbursement Information for Clinical 伟德在线网址 Exams in the United States

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⚠️ Note: Clarius ultrasound is intended for use by medical professionals