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Elecon Bucket Conveying Systems

伟德官方app下载 is the only licensed global manufacturer of the Elecon™, the world's only bucket conveyor that can move materials in any direction. No other conveying system in the world is as flexible as the Elecon. In addition to the typical vertical and horizontal movement, the Elecon bucket conveyor can make right or left turns. This multi-axis capability is a result of its patented chain design and wedge-shaped buckets. Dubbed as the “go anywhere” bucket conveyor, the Elecon minimizes your conveying system's footprint and can handle virtually any circuit design imaginable.

Bucket conveying systems offer solid solutions in the transportation of bulk material. More importantly, the market demands for new products, and quick and efficient product switch overs, has created a much greater need for flexible alternatives in the way bulk materials are transported. The Elecon is the world’s only bucket conveyor that provides businesses with the alternative to fit a conveyor system into their existing facility without having to change the facility to accomodate the new system.

General Details

The Optimal Bucket Conveyor Design

Your goal is to choose a conveying system that can improve your production, cut costs, and meet your industry requirements. You also need a system that can easily integrate with existing equipment systems and programmable controls solutions. 伟德官方app下载 focuses on engineering a bucket conveyor design that meets your production specifications to help your operations run smoothly and successfully.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Axis Capabilities
  • Multiple Discharge Points
  • Variety of Bucket Configurations


  • Metal Alloy Chain Construction
  • Tubular Track
  • Drive & Tension


  • Steel Panel Enclosed Case
  • Open Construction
  • Lexan Panel Enclosed Case

Bucket conveyor systems continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of today’s demanding industries.  Investing in alternative bucket conveyor methods can seem risky; however, choosing the Elecon for its multi-directional conveying capabilities can radically improve your operations while increasing efficiencies that positively impact your bottom line.

Make the right choice by partnering with us. Leverage our years of expertise and commitment to exceed your expectations. We believe, and many of our customers agree, that our Elecon bucket conveyor systems can help you meet your business production requirements, generally require no more than the scheduled downtime, and improve your bottom line.

Technical Info
The Elecon’s flexibility is enhanced by its multiple discharge capability virtually anywhere in the circuit. Our patented rack & pinion system for 360° bucket rotation assures that buckets fully discharge their contents and return in the upright position.

The Elecon bucket conveyor provides customers an alternative for material handling that allows them to fit a conveyor into their production facility rather than change their facility to fit in a material handling system.

Four different bucket configurations are available, depending on various throughput requirements and type of product. Buckets are constructed of polypropylene.

For additional information on Elecon™ conveyors, click here to DOWNLOAD our four-page flyer (130 kilobytes). It contains information on chain styles, enclosure options and sample circuit configurations.

Additional Factors to Consider

The Elecon’s multi-axis design capability can help you address the production factors you are considering in order to meet your production needs.

Material Attributes: 伟德官方app下载 can provide a system that gently handles your fragile materials without slowing down production timetables. For example, the Elecon bucket conveyor system is engineered to delicately handle your products covered with seasoning. The characteristics of the products and materials you need to transport using a bucket conveyor design significantly impacts the system you put in place. Gather information about every aspect of your material including size, density, content, abrasiveness, corrosiveness, flow, weight, etc. and talk to a 伟德官方app下载 representative about a custom solution.

Conveying Attributes: When moving materials from one point to another, you have calculated the volume, distance, and elevation you need to move plus considered any existing equipment systems. The Elecon system is engineered to match the quantity and capacity of materials you need the conveying system to move in a given time, while easily integrating into and around existing facility parameters.

Target Cycle Time: You have determined how quickly you need to move a material from one destination to the next. The Elecon bucket conveyor system can help you reach your production goal and move your product to match supply with demand.

Unique Functionality: The Elecon’s multi-axis allows you to have a multi-directional conveyor design with flexible functionality. When you consider the space needed to fit your conveyor systems into and the various angles and movements you may need the material to go, having options are critical. With the Elecon, your available options to meet your production needs are virtually endless.

Required Durability: The Elecon’s bucket conveyor system was engineered and designed to withstand the wear and tear of production in any industry. Like any other one of your production equipment systems, it will require maintenance, but its patented design was created with all of this in mind.

Maintenance Requirements: No matter what material you are transporting, 伟德官方app下载 understands that maintenance is absolutely essential to your equipment. A well-maintained system increases the life of the equipment and improves safety. Our systems are designed for easy maintenance and repairs. We pride ourselves in the reliability and longevity of our products. Our systems are configured to ensure you meet safety standards while controlling maintenance costs over the life cycle of your system.

Additional Parameters: While you assess the type of bucket conveyor system that is right for your specific needs, there are other options you want to evaluate. Ask us about our control system integration capability and post-installation support, so we can help you form a complete solution for your bulk material handling needs.

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